A New Level of Digital Insight in the Dealers Blind Spot

09.12.18 Media Releases

OGI Digital Launching Revolutionary Dealer Marketing Technology

Burlington, ON, September 11, 2018 – Just weeks after the introduction of Online Guided Intelligence (OGI) into the Canadian dealer marketing tech mix, comes the announcement of its second powerful dealer online marketing solution. The ground breaking new tool has been branded ‘Pulse’, which at its core, collects insights into who is visiting Canadian dealerships day-to-day.

Pulse empowers dealers nation-wide to know who is physically visiting their lot and the lots of their competition. The software was built and the subsequent data collected is all compliant with Canadian Privacy Laws. For example, only contact names and addresses are provided in the output to adhere legally. Coupling this location-based data with DMS data readily in the hands of dealers provides a multitude of ultra-targeted marketing opportunities.

“We have identified and are now providing a program to shine light on an automotive retailing blind spot in the customer journey,” says Kelly Nolan at OGI Digital. “Essentially we are bringing the offline on-lot behaviours of consumers online to the disposal and analysis of the dealer,” she adds.

The software can monitor all dealer locations in the country and provide an analytical view of the shopping behaviours of potential and active car buyers. The reporting functions allow marketing managers to understand better, how consumers are interacting with their lot and marketing. However, perhaps even more powerful is the marketing play to “conquer those consumers on other lots and bring them in,” as Kelly puts it. If consumers have left your lot and moved onto another around the corner, you will know and can target those defectors with marketing communications.

Pulse is proven software developed and deployed currently in the United States, by Digital Data Solutions Inc.. The system has been active in the U.S. now for over a year, represents most major OEMs in its client dealer network and is live in all 50 states. OGI Digital is the exclusive provider of Pulse technology in the Canadian auto retailer market.

In Canada, Pulse will report on over twenty thousand customer records per day. “We provide a way for individual dealers to essentially monitor the entire vehicle shopping public in the country if they like,” says Graham Line, CEO and Founder, Digital Data Solutions. “Or, they can hone in to focus attention on a specific province, region, market or dealer down the street, to get intelligence on habits and target messaging.”

The software developer leverages access to location data from over ninety thousand common applications running on smartphones. The quantity of data the applications manages is immense, which required and passed rigorous load testing before launch. All Canadian data is hosted and managed at tier one facilities in Canada.

All aspects of the tool have been heavily vetted by privacy council to ensure compliance. “We understand the power of this data and the privacy ramifications that surround it,” says Line. “We retain very strict controls on how we can allow this data to be used by keeping in mind that it is in no ones best interest to violate the trust of consumers,” he adds.

About OGI Digital:
OGI Digital (a sister company to RSR Global) was launched in 2018 to provide Canadian automotive dealers with technology-based shopping and marketing solutions. OGI (Online Guide Intelligence) has a mandate to become the Canadian source for dealers’ online marketing, research and buying tools, sourced from tier one partners across North America. OGI sources and delivers technology products and services based on the latest consumer demands and the needs of today’s auto dealer.

About DDS:
DDS (Digital Data Solutions) provides tactical and strategic guidance and tools to their clients. Their integrated use of market leading platforms and technologies provide valuable data leads, information and digital insight to help organizations identify, manage and grow their customer base. With their thorough understanding of customer behavior DDS is able to measurably drive successful results at all levels of the sales funnel.