For more than 18 years, RSR GLOBAL has been at the forefront of the automotive industry.

Helping Dealers Protect Drivers®

RSR Global, is a Canadian-owned company specializing in Finance and Insurance programs, support and solutions. By providing industry leading F&I products and programs, innovative technology solutions and strategic management training and exceptional support, RSR Global ensures strict compliance to the ideals and spirit of its corporate mandate - to help dealers protect drivers.

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A vehicle is an important investment no matter which model you choose. But so is your personal safety and security.

That’s why RSR GLOBAL offers a selection of innovative products and services that help dealers protect drivers. Your selling dealer researches which product(s) best suit his or her customers and then offers them as an option to buyers through the Global Registration Program®.

Highlights of our Global Registration Program® product family include:

The next time you’re in the market for a new vehicle, ask your dealership about the Global Registration Program® from RSR GLOBAL. Get the personal security and vehicle protection you need, and deserve.

Our organization's most valuable resources are not our products... they ride the elevator to our office each day.

We have a carefully selected corps of colleagues who not only match the professional requirements of representing RSR GLOBAL within automotive dealerships. Our people also possess the empathy and make-it-happen attitude that is critical when dealing with drivers who possess one or all of our products and find themselves needing our help to settle a loss claim.

Rest assured, customer service is a hallmark of RSR GLOBAL.